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Barber Dirty Bomb Distortion Pedal
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Hear the Dirty Bomb now!

These files were recorded into Logic 8 using an Apogee Duet and a Shure SM57 mic. The guitar used is a PRS SE EG (stock), except for one file that was recorded on a Anderson Hollow T with Tom Anderson's excellent M pickups. The amp is a Barber Echelon into a single Eminence Ragin Cajun 10", the room is a garage with crickets asked to be very quiet. Some of the sound files show the clean amp sound before the pedal is engaged. The amp is set at a low volume (a little louder than an average conversation), the sound is clean and Fender blackface like.

Anderson Hollow T, switching between pickups, Dirty B set for medium dynamic distortion (left toggle).
PRS switching pickups and trying to show off the softer side of the Barber Dirty Bomb (left toggle)
PRS set to the stock humbucker for a 3/4 drive heavy drop D sound (right toggle).
PRS lead sound, to show the thick lead sound (center toggle) from the Barber Dirty Bomb, drive 3 o clock.
PRS set to show a classic rock style from the Barber Dirty Bomb drive is 10 o clock (toggle center)


• Extremely versatile, high gain distortion, provides wider range of stellar tones.
• From ultra chunky, to scooped and back to thick again.
• Toggle switch selects mid range character for three distinct modes.
• Sweet and powerful Vintage two band E.Q.
• Internal adjustable Bass Boost for powerful sub frequencies.
• True bypass footswitch delivers clarity when bypassed.
• All hand wired in the USA, traditional award winning Barber layout and wiring.
• Cascading FET circuit, with MOSFET distortion for incredibly realistic tube quality sounds.

Barber Dirty Bomb Distortion Pedal

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