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Fulltone MDV Mini DejaVibe Pedal
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Fulltone Mini-Dejavibe MDV

The Fulltone Mini-DejaVibe pedal packs the legendary sound of the Univibe into a chassis that's pedalboard-friendly. If you're looking for that elusive "phase-y/chorus-y" sound, look no further! With its real photocells and and the high internal voltage (18+ volts DC, ramped up inside the unit so it still uses the included FPS-1 9-volt adapter), the Mini-DejaVibe delivers the classic modulation that many of lifelong guitarists swear by. A mini-toggle switch lets you choose between vintage and modern settings, and the sturdy steel housing and beautiful finish give the Mini-DejaVibe a solid, vintage feel.

Fulltone's custom-made brass-shaft pots are among the strongest and smoothest feeling pots available. These amazing pots are mounted to the interior PCB board via a proprietary "thru-PCB" method rather than having the pot be secured by the pot terminals, drastically reducing pot-related failure. This method keeps Fulltone pedals up and running for the duration of your playing days. Plus, this eliminates the need for a bunch of jumper wires, keeping your tone as pure as humanly possible.

• A vintage Univibe-style effect packed into a pedalboard-friendly format
• Volume, Intensity, and Speed controls let you dial in the exact vibe you're going for
• Switchable Modern/Vintage and Vibe/Chorus offer a range of cool tones
• Speed indicator lets you keep an eye on the intensity of your effect
• True-bypass switching ensures pure tone when the pedal is not in use
• Includes 18V power supply

Fulltone MDV Mini DejaVibe Pedal

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