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Keeley Framptone A/B Amp Switcher Pedal
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• Ground loop exclusion - Highest quality transformer is used, electronically isolating the ground
• Custom buffer circuit designed to convert the instrument input to a low impedance signal, allowing the instrument signal to be fed to many amplifiers simultaneously without signal loss or degradation
• Soft touch momentary switches for click-less, noise free switching
• Phase reversal switch to eliminate any out of phase amp situation
• Last Amp On' feature - flashing LED's allow you to know which amp will be activated when you stop using both amps combined


Best switcher on the market. Easy on pedal board real estate, too.


Keeley is proud to announce the sale of Framptone gear (since 2005). Like with George L cables (since 2002), when you see and hear the best, there is no need to re-invent it! The Framptone Amp Switcher is a device with no peers. It is simply the finest amplifier switcher available. The use of endless blind testing, electronics and transformers designed specifically for this application, and top notch, quality construction made this an easy choice for Keeley Electronics to embrace.

Leave behind the countless problems involved in connecting two amplifiers together. This is a solution for amp switching that Keeley is so confident in they offer complete satisfaction and will offer 100% money back if it doesn't go far beyond your expectations. Keeley electronics is not a "store" so for them to adopt a product, it had to be something that couldn't be found elsewhere or designed any better.

These units are hand-made in the USA and each unit is double tested! Tested by both pro-veteran Mark Snyder and Robert Keeley.

A perfect solution! A non MIDI solution to amplifier switching - it allows you to switch or combine two different amps at the touch of a button, without any of the common problems often found when using an A/B Box. Sturdily built to withstand all the rigors of extensive road use, it is powered by a 9 volt battery ( although you can use power adapters for battery free use ) and the unit is simplicity itself to use.

Dimensions are 5 ½ “ W x 5 7/8” D x 2 7/8” H.

Keeley Framptone A/B Amp Switcher Pedal

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