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Keeley MT-2 Metal Zone Mod Pedal
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There is nothing apocryphal about wanting to be an all-out-rocker, harmonics swinging from your strings like Tarzan!

Need something way more than distortion? Bass as hard as nails, a very flexible EQ, and dark, heavy distortion are in this pedal! Dial in mids and bass response to suit your style of Metal, Thrash, Grunge or PUNK!

There's no need to perorate, pontificate, or bombard you with bombastic details. This pedal IS a Bomb Blast of metal tone... enough to lay waste to the first 13 rows of any concert!

Complete Hi-fidelity upgrade! Nothing like a heavy distortion channel that is produced well!

It's hard to improve a hammer, right? Well, that is what Keeley was faced with. The MT-2 is like a hammer, so they had to work on details. What separates great metal bands from bland ones? Sometimes it's the fact that the production and sound quality are awesome! That is what Keeley wanted. They wanted a metal pedal that had an Aural exciter built in. They wanted that "metal tone to die for" in a box!

Increased fidelity leads to better bass response and less harsh upper high-frequency. Translation: Bass that punches below the belt!

Using Keeley's Boss schematic we were able to find every harsh sounding cap and replace it with audiophile grade parts that let the midrange sparkle and breathe. Keeley thinks the increase in presence is just what people need to take their tone over the edge. Your fans will appreciate you ditching the low-fidelity blanket over your amp sound! ;-)

3-Way Toggle Switch added to the unit to give you a sweet volume boost and a fatter tube like circuit designed into it!

This Toggle switch gives you three different distortion types. Couldn't talk Soldano out of using tubes, right?!?! So what Keeley did was create two different tube amp characteristics and make them available through a toggle switch. Each of the two modes they created (switch to the right and to the center) has tube amp characteristics: huge power, increased harmonics, and better transparency.

Critical capacitors were replaced so that only the smoothest rounding of tones would occur. Previously used by audiophile snobs only, now available for you to hammer with!

Blue LED, what the heck else?!?!? ;-)

Keeley MT-2 Metal Zone Mod Pedal

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