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Keeley The Absolute Wurst Random Harmony Generator
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Keeley The Absolute Wurst Random Harmony Generator

You’re not going to play the blues with the Würst. The Würst is not transparent, nor does it sound “amp-like.” The Würst is your würst nightmare.

Unless you’re into experimental sounds or noise, that is. If you’re into that, the Würst is made for you. Yes, you.

There are three modes and about a hundred different sounds in Keeley’s Würst. The three main modes are Random, Pitch Up and Pitch Down. “Random” is sort of like an LFO-driven random, super-resonant sample-and-hold filter. Pitch Up and Pitch Down do exactly what they sound like, but in the most pleasingly disharmonic way.

The Blend and Gain knobs are pretty self-explanatory, then there is the Proximity (read: how far from the root note the “harmony” is) and Range/Rate. In Pitch Up and Down modes, this controls the range of pitch and in Random mode, this controls the rate of the filter. Proximity and Range in conjunction can get really weird, really quickly. And it gets weird, all right. Weird, even for the Würst.

There are certainly some usable tones for you traditionalists out there. Keeping the Proximity control on a short leash will give some interesting musical harmonies, and the Random mode, when keeping he controls close to one’s chest, can cop some classic Zappa Oberheim tones. But make no mistake: this one is for you knob twiddlers out there. You’ve heard the best—now try the Würst.

• Random sample-and-hold filter, up and down pitch shifting
• Built outright for experimentation and otherworldly textures
• True bypass
• Hand-made in USA
• Standard 9v center-negative power (60mA draw)

Keeley The Absolute Wurst Random Harmony Generator

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