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Lovepedal Butterfly Kiss Chorus Pedal
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LovePedal Butterfly Kiss Chorus Pedal

Chorus pedals are great. You see them on guitar rigs everywhere but they can, if you dont use them right, make your tone a little too full and muddy. Ideally you want something flexible, customiseable and rich. The Butterfly Kiss from LovePedal is just such a pedal.

With it's psychadelic inspired vintage look and 4 control knob layout this is a very well designed and finished piece of equipment that's sure to find a place of honour on even the most particular players board.

A gentle warm kiss of chorus that will get out of the way when you need it too and become overpowering in the most beautiful way. A chorus for guys that hate chorus? Yes it is true.

Lovepedal Butterfly Kiss Chorus Pedal

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