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Lovepedal COT50 Germanium / Angus Mod Pedal
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Every COT50 is special! BUT a Germanium loaded unit is ultra rare!
For 2015, Lovepedal has sourced the stash of parts to produce this BEAST.
They've also made these to Angus specs.


BIAS Control

9VDC Input Jack

True Bypass LED Status

Compact Die cast Aluminum Case 4.37? X 2.37? X 1.07?

The Bias control is used as a gain for these key reasons:

• You get to control and sweep 3 parameters on a single knob

• You get a nice eq trim as your forward the bias which is good. Nobody likes their amp farting out with an absurd, overload of bass while trying to create more compression and clipping. So while forwarding the bias you do get a “trim” in bass response, but that is a good thing as you push your amp or the next section of a drive circuit.

• By forwarding the BIAS you make the transistor work harder, creating sustain, clipping and natural compression

• You get a volume bump because the circuit is being biased hotter as you advance the control which in turn pushes an already over driven amp into pure tonal bliss or another drive type circuit that succeeds it. This is great for a boost because it meets the requirement for live use and getting your tone above the rest of the band to stand out. When playing with a band sometimes as a guitar player, you get drowned out by everything else. When it comes time for your solo, you need to jump up above the mix and cut through to be heard. The circuit enables a guitarist to STAND OUT when they need to most.

Lovepedal COT50 Germanium / Angus Mod Pedal

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