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Rainger FX Freakbass Alpha Bass Fuzz Distortion Pedal (incl. Igor)
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Rainger FX Freakbass Alpha Bass Fuzz Distortion Pedal (incl. Igor)

The Freakbass Alpha is the mini version of the Dr Freakenstein Bass. It uses the same extra low-end fuzz circuit, and is housed in the Rainger FX custom steel enclosure (no side sockets, ‘OK kickable’ pushbutton switches).

The main knob is used to tune the pitch-change to a specific note (usually below, never above). If one end panel switch is out, pressing Igor swoops the sound down to that note; if the switch is in, it swoops up from that to normal pitch.

Once ‘tuned in’ the Freakbass Alpha will track approximately a tone-and-a-half either side of it (whatever octave you play).

The other end panel switch adds in the clean signal; it’s set to about one third clean to two thirds fuzz.

Igor is a dual-sensitivity pressure pad, and can be used by foot or hand. It’s 35 times lighter than a standard rocker-style expression pedal. Better lookin’ too. It can also be used – with a minijack to 1/4? adaptor – with some other brands of pedals (eg Electro Harmonix).


• Full-on monster fuzz distortion
• Harmonic overtones controlled by knob or Igor – a pressure-sensitive foot controller
• Tuneable pitch change for primitive synthy bass-lines
• Built-in noise gate
• Goes down to pitch-change or up from pitch-change
• Volume thumbwheel
• ‘Mix’ button for adding some clean signal into the sound
• Does ‘record stops’, dive-bombs, electro-glisses
• Internal ‘active/passive’ switch
• All sockets out the way on the top end panel
• Powered by 9v power supply (not included)
• True bypass footswitching

Rainger FX Freakbass Alpha Bass Fuzz Distortion Pedal (incl. Igor)

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