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TC Electronic Trinity T2 Reverb Pedal
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TC Electronic introduce their newest Reverb pedal, the Trinity v2 or T2 for short, featuring 10 distinct reverb modes.

Described as the "reverb aficionado's dream", this pedal carries two ethereal reverb sounds derived from the Trinity Reverb pedal and adds eight new reverb types.

T2 Reverb is designed for guitarists who love unique and exotic sound textures. It combines reverb with modulation to create a wide variety of ambient tones. With this pedal, you can go from subtle to otherworldly soundscapes that you won't get from regular reverb effects.

For something with so many sonic possibilities, the pedal comes with a straightforward set of controls - four control knobs, a toggle switch, and a footswitch.

The most basic of the four knobs is the Mix and Tone. The Mix knob lets you adjust the intensity of the effect compared to your original signal. You can set it lower for subtle echoes or go full-on to emphasize the reverb. The Tone knob on the other hand work like the tone control on your guitar but only affects the echoes. With this knob, you can go from dark to bright as you prefer or to match your current rig.

The Decay knob lets you set the decay time of the reverb, which determines the time it takes to actually hear the reverb after the original guitar signal. Setting it lower will give you a natural room vibe, while raising it higher will increase the virtual "space" that you echo has to travel, from a bigger room to a cathedral or even mimicking the echo behavior of a canyon.

Finally the pedal comes with a Mode Selector knob, which lets you pick between ten different reverb flavors. The lower settings are said to mimic the classic plate reverbs and progresses forward as you change modes, until you reach crazy alien like echoes that go beyond traditional reverb pedals.

TC Electronic Trinity T2 Reverb Pedal

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