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Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive Pedal
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Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive Pedal

If you're a tone chaser, you need to check out the Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive pedal. Stomp on this magic blue box and prepare yourself for an ultra-smooth, classic electric guitar sound with mind-blowing dynamics and a bluesy, uber-musical midrange emphasis. This awe-inspiring overdrive absolutely oozes with boutique tone. This pedal won't "fizz out" on you, whether you use it subtly or crank it all the way up. Complete with a 3-band EQ, Lift/Smooth toggle switch, and Drive and Volume Controls, the Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive pedal will add incredible juice, meat, and muscle to your electric guitar tone.

Wampler Clarksdale Overdrive Pedal

• Classic effect delivers smooth overdrive with strong dynamics and midrange emphasis
• 3-band EQ gives you plenty of tone-shaping options
• Lift/Smooth toggle switch provides variable overdrive character
• Drive and Volume controls for proper gain-staging
• True bypass relay switch delivers first-rate sound quality

Wampler Clarksdale Delta Overdrive Pedal

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