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Roland SPD-1W SPD:ONE WAV Pad Percussion Pad - With Mounting Clamp
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Roland SPD-1W SPD:ONE WAV Pad Percussion Pad - With Mounting Clamp

The Roland SPD::ONE WAV PAD is a new type of digital percussion pad, one that allows any musician to perform with their own sounds and samples. Importing audio files is as simple as connecting the SPD::ONE WAV PAD to a PC or Mac and dragging your WAV files into the drive that appears. Whether you need full-length backing tracks or one-shot samples, your sounds can be loaded and played in seconds. Once you’re ready to go, the unit’s robust-yet-sensitive pad can be played with sticks, hands, or feet, and trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls.

Powered by batteries or AC, the portable SPD::ONE WAV PAD can be used on the floor or a tabletop, or mounted to any rig or drum setup with the included adapter. Operation is simple, even for those musicians who are not technical; just by using four knobs on the control panel, you can change the sound, volume, balance, and more. Whether you’re a drummer, percussion player, guitarist, DJ, or vocalist, the SPD::ONE WAV PAD is a simple and flexible way to expand your sound palette and invigorate your performances.

• Light, compact digital percussion pad that can be played with drumsticks, hands, or feet
• Import your original WAV sound data by connecting to a computer via USB and dragging and dropping files
• Internal 4 GB drive can hold up to 360 minutes of stereo audio
• Edit and control your sounds easily with just four knobs
• Powered by batteries (4 x AA) or AC adaptor
• Main stereo output, plus stereo headphones output for monitoring
• USB-MIDI enables use as a pad controller for music software
• Can be floor or tabletop mounted, or fitted to drum hardware and mic stands using the included mounting adaptor

Roland SPD-1W SPD:ONE WAV Pad Percussion Pad - With Mounting Clamp

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