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Yamaha THR5A 5 Watt Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
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Yamaha THR5A 5 Watt Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

The THR5A from Yamaha is a desktop modeling guitar amp that simulates four different microphone types and is specifically designed for use with electric-acoustic and silent guitars. In contrast to normal stage amplifiers, the THR5A is intended for off-stage uses such as recording and practicing. Equipped with a USB port, the amp is capable of being used in conjunction with your computer for advanced editing of guitar sounds, recording and playback using the included software package.

The THR5A is equipped with a 1/4" guitar input as well as an 1/8" aux input that can be used for connecting your mp3 player for jamming along to backing tracks. The two full range 3" speakers are designed to accurately reproduce stereo playback from the 1/8" input as well as the sound of your guitar without the need of any additional speakers or amplification.

Engineered to give you a variety of tonal options, the THR5A includes four built-in microphone simulations which include condenser, dynamic, tube and nylon presets. There is also a clean electric guitar amp model for even more possibilities.

The THR5A offers a selection of effects that make use of Yamaha's Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology, which is designed to emulate yesterday's vintage analog gear within today's digital production environment. The effects include compression, chorus, flanger, tremolo, delay, phaser, reverb and noise gate.

The THR5A can be connected to your computer via USB for a variety of advanced functions. For in depth editing of the amplifier's tonal characteristics and unlocking additional effects and parameters, the downloadable THR Editor can be used. In addition, you can record and edit your guitar playing using the included Cubase AI music production software.

• Weighs 5 pounds for portability
• Slow down and mute the guitar parts of your favorite songs so you can play along with them using the free THR Sessions iPhone app
• Stereo playback from your smartphone or other device through 1/8" AUX jack or direct from your computer via the USB connection
• Virtual Tube Illumination simulates orange tube glow from the metal speaker grille
• Tap tempo for synching your delay feedback to the rhythm of the song
• Built-in chromatic tuner for easy tuning without the need of a separate tuner
• Models 4 Mic Types for Acoustic Guitar
• Models One Clean Amp For Electric Guitar
• Chromatic Tuner
• Built-In Effects
• Record Direct to Your Computer via USB
• Downloadable THR Editor
• Tap Tempo
• Cubase AI Included
• 2x 3" Speakers Powered by 10 Watt Amp
• AC or Battery Powered

Yamaha THR5A 5 Watt Desktop Modeling Acoustic Guitar Amplifier

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