Bugera G5 Infinium 5W Class A Tube Guitar Head

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Brand: Bugera
Bugera G5 Infinium 5W Class A Tube Guitar Head

The timeless design and sound of the all-tube amp has made its indelible mark on countless beloved tracks spanning the history of the electric guitar. With the ultimate pursuit of those wonderfully saturated, vintage and modern tones in mind, Bugera proudly presents the G5 5W Tube Guitar Amp Head.

Sporting a gorgeous modern look and feel, the G5 serves up 5 beautiful, tubesoaked, Class-A Watts in vintage, as well as modern flavors. Additionally, the G5 Infinium features an integrated high-definition reverb; a built-in 2-way power attenuator, so you can achieve the ultimate sound at any volume, and our extremely versatile Morph EQ for seamlessly sweeping between vintage U.S.- and British-style tone.

Classic Push-Pull Design
The G5 features a true Class-A amp head with an ECC83 front-end and a 12BH7 power stage. A masterfully crafted push-pull tube amp, the G5 provides sweetly-balanced harmonics and natural tube compression “ resulting in the warm distortion and break-up you™ve come to appreciate from the vintage megaliths of yesteryear “ only in a much more portable and attractive package.

Bugera's proprietary MORPH EQ control lets you instantly jump the Atlantic Ocean, to give your music either classic U.S. or British-style EQ tone “ or anything in between, Why choose between two great sounds? The G5 gives you the best of both worlds, and all the subtle shades in between.

High-Definition Reverb
Adding to its impressive list of tone-shaping options, the G5's high-definition Reverb puts the perfect finishing touch to your signature sound. Adjustable via the dedicated control on the front panel, you can finally achieve any sound you desire “ from a subtle touch to the cavernous, natural-sounding reverberation of a large arena.

Power Attenuator and Speaker Emulation
The convenient, built-in Power Attenuator allows you to operate the G5 at your choice of 5 watts, 1 watt, or even 0.1 of a watt, so you can get everything from sweet and sassy to maximum tube saturation at any volume level. This amazing feature alone makes the G5 worth its weight in gold. And if you prefer to monitor your tone through headphones, the G5 has you covered with its incredible speaker-emulated output, that allows you to get the vibe and sound of either a 1 x 12 or 4 x 12 cabinet - selectable by you.

Footswitch and FX Loop Included
You have all the tools you need, right out of the box. Bugera includes a heavy-duty footswitch for channel and reverb selection to give you easy and convenient control of your tone, right from your pedal board “ allowing your focus to remain on your performance. The included FX Loop with effects level switch allows you to have complete control over your signal routing, optimizing your tone for your collection of pedals and external gear.


• Power: 5W (tube)
• 2-way attenuator
• Tubes: 12AX7 (preamp); 12BH7 (power amp)
• Controls: 3-band EQ, Morph (for U.K.- and U.S.-style tone adjustments) gain, reverb, tone, volume
• Built-in reverb
• Speaker-emulated output, with 1x12" or 4x12" voicing option
• FX loop with level switch