Bugera V5 Infinium 5W Tube 1x8" Guitar Combo Amp

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Brand: Bugera
Bugera V5 Infinium 5W Tube 1x8" Guitar Combo Amp

Dressed in classic two-tone vinyl, running on one power and one preamp valve and featuring bone-simple controls, the BUGERA V5 looks like a carefully constructed nostalgia trip. In fact, in many ways, it is! But plug into this beautiful little amp and you’ll not only find a sound that’s caked in real vintage raunch, but also modern features that take this sound to places it couldn’t go—until now.

Big Sound, Small Package
Rock music brings to mind amplifiers as big as skyscrapers, dishing out irreversible ear damage at ruthless volumes. But a studio secret among guitar greats is that little low-watt valve combos like the V5 can be maxed out for red-hot overdriven tone without blowing fuses or incurring any property damage.

The V5 is a living, breathing homage to those half-pint screamers of the past, but with two very important improvements. See, this amp may be small, but 5 watts in Valvesville is still loud as hell when it’s sitting in your bedroom. That’s why the V5 features a switchable power attenuator that allows you to run 5, 1 or 0.1 Watts. An attenuator reduces the amplitude of a signal without changing its sound. That means you can still drive the valves into banshee-league fury, but without waking up the neighbors.

Finding a headphone out jack on an all-valve guitar amp is incredibly rare because the integration requires loading the output transformer and filtering the signal for a loudspeaker simulation. (Translation: it’s a pain in the ass!) But in true BUGERA fashion, we’ve gone the extra mile to allow you some late night practicing. Just plug in a pair of headphones to the 1/4" phones jack on the back panel, and you’re ready to keep the V5’s all-valve sound all to yourself. Then again, if it’s more volume you need, the V5 has a 1/4" Speaker Out jack that allows you to connect an additional speaker with a minimum impedance of 4 Ohms. This dangerous dandy also features the same studio-caliber digital reverb found in its bigger BUGERA brothers. The spring reverb found in the V5’s post-war predecessors sounds lovely, but is delicate and expensive to repair. The V5’s modern update gives you an equally mesmerizing vintage reverb sound without the wallet-draining vintage reliability.

Little Wonder
With the V5 in your home or studio, your tonal woes are over. It bears the true sound of an antique 5W valve amp, it’s built to survive abuse, and its price tag is tons lighter than the ones you’ ll find tied to its elders. Adopt a V5 today and get ready to pack 60 years of sonic inspiration into your recording or practice sessions.


• Hand-built 5-Watt Class-A amplifier driven by 1 x EL84 valve
• Way cool vintage look and feel
• Original 8" BUGERA guitar speaker for true vintage sound
• Authentic preamp design from the '60s featuring 1 x 12AX7 valve—everything from purring blues to mind-blowing crunch
• Integrated high-class reverb with dedicated Reverb control
• Vintage Equalizer with dedicated Tone control
• Built-in 2-way Power Attenuator allows you to get ultimate sound at any volume
• High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life