Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas Digitally Controlled Analog Tremolo Pedal

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Chase Bliss Gravitas: Analog Tremolo

Now, tremolo is getting the Chase Bliss treatment. It's called the Gravitas, and your other tremolos are obsolete. Sorry about that.

For starters, a discrete class A preamp circuit sits in front of the tremolo section, followed by Analog Devices AD823 op-amps for pristine tonal clarity. The signal path is 100 percent analog, only the controls are digital.

Chase Bliss then applies its innovative ModuShape controls to tremolo, an effect that certainly benefits from it. The wave shape switches are still there, and the two knobs are Depth and Sway. These four controls can take tremolo to heights never before experienced. But wait, there's more!

You might notice there's a knob labeled Drive AND Ramp; the Drive is the gain of the aforementioned boost circuit, and the Ramp, the secondary function, is accessible via the horde of DIP switches on the rear of the pedal. You can set the ramping to rise or fall. You can also use this one knob to control up to five different parameters simultaneously. Volume, Tone and Rate round out the controls.

There's also a Tap switch, which works in conjunction with the subdivisions toggle, as well as two user presets, external tap jack and expression pedal control. The DIP switches also help govern the expression/CV control, along with many other options. (There are 16 of them!)

The Gravitas is capable of many classic tremolo sounds, from simple volume modulation to brownface-style harmonic trem. It can even do the same time. It's a truly inspiring box that will serve you well forever.


• Unprecedented tremolo control in a small box
• 100 percent pure analog warmth
• Tap tempo with subdivisions
• Superb wave-shaping options
• Expression or CV in jack
• Made in Minnesota, USA