Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory Pedal

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Brand: Digitech
Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory Chorus Pedal

The Digitech CF-7 Chorus Factory Pedal lives up to its name, containing seven celebrated chorus sounds in a compact pedal that boasts cabinet modeling. The stereo outputs feature Flexible Output Mode that alters the output depending on whether you have the CF-7 set for amplifier output or digital/recording/mixer output.

Each parameter of the chorus tones contained in the CF-7 can be precisely tweaked. The Chorus Factory represents an excellent value, since it delivers seven of the most famous chorus units in recording history.

Seven Classic Chorus Models

The CF-7's models are based on these legendary chorus pedals:

MODEL 1: DigiTech® Multi Chorus®
This setting models DigiTech®’s Multi Chorus® pedal.The first multi-voice (16
voices) chorus pedal ever!

Model 2: Voodoo Lab™ Analog Chorus
TheVoodoo Lab™ Analog Chorus pedal has a distinctively organic tone that
faithfully clones the 1976 Boss® CE-1.

Model 3: TC Electronic® Stereo Chorus Flanger
The classic TC Electronic® Stereo Chorus Flanger is the choice of many pros
and still remains known as a state-of-the-art unit with incredible dynamic

Model 4: Fulltone® Choralflange™
This setting models the Fulltone® Choralflange™, known as the ultimate analog
modulation pedal: versatile, transparent, and flexible.

Model 5: Boss® CH-1 Super Chorus™
The Boss® CH-1 Super Chorus™ pedal is popular for its offering of frequency
range with a versatile tonal control.

Model 6: Electro Harmonix® Small Clone®
This setting recreates the chorus effect of Electro Harmonix® Small Clone®.
Its lush grunge tone still remains a favorite of pros for its multi dimensional

Model 7: Boss® CE-5 Chorus Ensemble™
The CF-7 models the Boss® CE-5 Chorus Ensemble™ with its versatile cover-
age of frequency range and high/low cut filters.

Stereo Outputs

The CF-7's stereo outputs let you send left and right channels to separate amps for the ultimate chorus experience. They also contain cabinet modeling that gives you the sound of an amplified speaker cabinet. Additionally, Flexible Output Mode delivers varying output. Whether you're playing through an amp, or recording direct, the CF-7's output can be exactly tailored to your needs.


• 7-position Chorus Model selector
• 7 classic chorus effects models onboard
• Speed, Depth, Control 1, and Control 2 in a separate concentric pot
• Flexible output mode -- configure outputs for amp or mixer
• CIT models classic speaker cabinets
• Rugged cast-metal enclosure with unique blue carbon fiber finish
• 1/4" mono input
• Two 1/4" outputs allowing either amp or CIT mixer stereo mix output using Flexible Output Mode
• Rugged cast-metal enclosure with unique blue carbon fiber finish
• Non-skid rubber base