DLS EchoTAP Vintage Tape Echo Simulator with 2-Channel Delay Pedal

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• True Bypass Switching!
• Two Echoes in One. (One TAP settable echo, one Panel settable echo, Both echoes are independently settable for up to 3
• seconds long!)
• Both echoes can be switched between on the fly.
• Individual TAP echo volume, and Panel echo volume controls.
• Tone control for the echoes to achieve the multitude of delay sounds.
• Repeat control (Controls a single repeat to many repeats).
• Two inputs and Two outputs so the musician can use (Stereo in:Stereo out) or (Mono in:Stereo out), or (Mono in:Mono out).
• Analog instrument signal is maintained and mixed with the echoes.
• Extremely warm sounding and versatile.
• All steel enclosure, steel pots, and steel jacks.
• Powder coated enclosure (more durable than standard painting).
• 9vdc input, any polarity (Worry free if using your 9volt pedal board supply).
• 9vdc transformer included.
• Designed and manufactured in the USA by engineers who are also musicians.
• Every effect is tested by an engineer/musician.
• Internal adjustment pots for Inputs and Output level

Click one of the links below to hear audio samples of the EchoTap pedal:
Rock sample with distortion
Mid 350
Scrap Yard
Slap Echo
3 Seconds
EchoTap and Chorus~Vibe
Clean Sample
Distorted Sample
Blues & Country

Analog War Cry EchoTAP review here.


This custom EchoTAP delay has a TAP Tempo echo and a Panel settable echo that the musician can switch between on the fly. The TAP Tempo can be set from 30ms to 3 seconds; the panel echo can be set from 50ms to 3 seconds. The TAP tempo and the Panel set echo have their own separate ECHO VOLUME controls. This is useful because many musicians use two different echoes and volumes during a single composition. The TONE control shapes the echoes from crystal clear replications to spacey echoes like the older tape echo units. The EchoTAP™ has two inputs and two outputs for use in stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, or mono in/mono out (all Inputs and outputs utilize True Bypass switching). As in all DLS units, they use the analog instrument signal and mix it with the echo signals (this leaves your instrument sound and tone as is).

Echo-1 Delay Time: 16 positions of most popular fixed delay settings from 50ms to 3 seconds.
Echo-1 Volume: Volume of echoes while using Echo1.
Tap Tempo: User settable tap tempo delay time from 30ms to 3 seconds. (Tap switch adjustable)
Tap Volume: Volume of echoes while using Tap Tempo.
Echo Repeats: Adjusts the number of echo repeats (counter-clockwise is least repeats, clockwise is most repeats)
Echo Tone: Tone adjustment for the echoes only. (counter-clockwise the tone is the brightest, clockwise the tone is cut (low tone).
Echo-1/Tap Tempo Footswitch: Switches between Echo1 fixed delay setting, or Tap Tempo delay mode.
On/Off Footswitch: Switches between effect On (echoes) or effect Off (true bypass).

Technology: Hi Quality Analog (HQA) electronics and 16bit digital electronics
Sample Rate: 44.1kHz, 256x oversample.
Power: "+9vdc" Input for 9 to 13.8vdc, 90ma minimum, 2.1mm jack (DC adapter included)
*The DLS Effects internal circuit will accommodate any polarityof input jack.

Enclosure: Solid heavy gauge steel 5.5”W x 4.9”D x 2.4"H, powder coat painted for durability!
Controls: Steel switches, pots, and ¼” jacks
Weight: 2½ lbs.