Legendary Tones Hot Mod V2 EVO - George Lynch Mod Plug-In High Gain Tube Modification Module

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Created in collaboration with George Lynch, the Lynch Mod is a custom modified version of the Hot Mod V2. Want to supercharge your classic Marshall amp with more gain without applying a permanent modification? Then read more below and welcome to the Lynch Mod!

George tried the original Hot Mod V2 (HMV2) in his Marshall and enjoyed it, so LegendaryTones decided to collaborate and do a custom-voiced version specifically for him. So instead of the HMV2’s two-position Hot Switch for two pre-set gain stages, they added a gain knob that goes from unity gain all the way to scorching hot on the Lynch Mod. And just like the original HMV2, all the clarity and low-noise characteristics have been retained. They also added a Deep switch to help provide a bass boost when desired or when using a guitar that might otherwise be a little thin. With the Deep switch off, low end is tightened and it serves as a slight bass cut for clarity.

The Lynch Mod adds an adjustable 100% pure tube gain stage on top of the cathode follower V2 position, keeping note definition and articulation while further increasing sustain. As with all previous runs of Lynch Mod units, each is meticulously built and wired by hand, point-to-point, and tuned using high-grade materials. Equipped with a pair of JJ ECC83 (12AX7) tubes, the Lynch Mod adds a gain stage to your Marshall that’s been tuned and approved by the ears of the maestro George Lynch himself.

“Finding that balance between pre vs. power amp gain, sag, sustain, dynamics, and touch-sensitivity in an amp has been a perpetual challenge. To my ears, the Lynch Mod is an impressive one-stop solution that gets you there.” -George Lynch

There are two different models currently available. This listing is for the Lynch Mod Standard Wired:
For original JMP and JCM 800 series 2203/2204/1959/1987. The standard wired model also works for the early reissue 1959/1987 models without the factory-installed effects loop. Choose the standard wire option if you use the new Marshall studio series SC20H/SV20H heads as well!

Will my Hot Mod V2 or Lynch Mod work in my amp?


Marshall (vintage, JMP):
1986, 1987, 1987T, 1959, 1959HW (reissue), 1968, 1992, 2203, 2204, 1989, 2245 (JTM 45)

Marshall JCM 800:
2000 (V3 position), 1987, 1959, 2103, 2203, 2203KK, 2104, 2204, 2205 (pre 1984 only), 2210, 4010, 4103, 4104, 4210, 4211

Marshall JCM 900:
2500, 2501, 2502, 2100, 2101

Marshall Vintage Reissue:
1987x (pre-2003 w/o Marshall factory effects loop), 1959 (w/o effects loop), 2245THW (handwired JTM 45 reissue), 1959 YJM

Marshall Studio:
This new series of mini 20 watt heads require the removal of the L bracket and thumbscrew so that the units can fit into the PCB-mounted socket in the amp which does not use a base tube shield.

SC20H/SV20H (Heads only)


The Hot Mod V2 has been found to work well in a variety of Marshall 1959/1987/2203/2204 clone and similar circuits including: Ceriatone, Germino, Mojotone, Wangs, and Bugera (Bugera needs reverse wired model and is compatible with pre-Infinium 1960 model only. Bugera Infinium 1960 does NOT work).

Other Amps:
The Hot Mod V2 is designed to work with amps which use a cathode follower design into the tone stack. It adds a gain stage essentially on top of the cathode follower. As a result, the HMV2 will function in other classic amps like Fender Pro, Super, Twin, etc. as well as others like Vox AC30 or certain Traynor amps, etc. However, the circuit of the HMV2 has been tuned and optimized for Marshall circuits, so LegendaryTones generally recommend they be used for the models in the list above only. If they were to make a design for a Fender for example, it would be tuned differently just like it would also be tuned differently for a Vox.

Popular amps that the HMV2/Lynch Mod DO NOT WORK with include: Marshall Silver Jubilee series, Marshall Origin series, Marshall DSL/TSL series, Mesa Boogie amps, and Hiwatt.

Some History

Back in the late 1980s, Mike Soldano of Soldano Custom Amplification released his original Hot Mod, a design based around use of rare 6C10 (and then later 6K11) tubes. These tube types added more gain much the same way that the HOT MOD V2 EVO does, but they had limitations. The tubes were long out of production, getting expensive to find, and often would become microphonic and therefore limited in capability. The original Soldano Hot Mod had lots of gain and delivered on its promise, but it was ultimately taken out of production primarily due to the challenges with finding consistent and quiet tubes.

Still, the original Hot Mod was the inspiration for the HOT MOD V2 EVO, which functions in much the same way as the original, but now has additional circuitry that further stabilizes the design, provides more clarity, and delivers a wider, more controllable range of gain on the preamp control of the amp rather than coming onto high-gain territory too quickly. And of course the HMV2E now also uses a pair of 12AX7(ECC83) tubes that are commonly available.

With the versatility of the new HMV2E, you’re free to experiment with different tube brands as well as try 12AT7 type tubes. The Hot Mod V2 today comes supplied with tested JJ brand tubes.