Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Simulator Pedal

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Brand: Two Notes
Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M+ Speaker Simulator Pedal

New effects - new cabinets

The Torpedo C.A.B. M+ also comes with an all new selection of 32 premium DynIR Virtual Cabinets, including official cabinet captures from Celestion, Engl and Victory Amplification.

Guitar Cabinets

• BDeLuxe: Inspired by Fender Blues Deluxe 1×12
• BigBeast: Inspired by 4×12 Zilla cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
• BoGreen: Inspired by Bogner 4×12 Greenbacks G12M25 Reissue in 16ohms
• Brit 65C: Inspired by Marshall 1965A 4×10 Closed Back with Celestion G10L-35
• Brit Std: Inspired by Marshall 1936 2×12 Celestion G12T
• Brit VintC: Inspired by Marshall 1960A 4×12 closed back Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
• Celestion Ruby Open 1×12: Celestion 1×12 cabinet with Celestion Ruby speaker
• Copperback Closed 4×12 Celestion: Celestion 4×12 cabinet with Celestion Neo 250 Copperback speakers
• DarkPrinz: Inspired by Fender Princeton 1×10 with Oxford 10J4-3 speaker
• Eddie: Inspired by Peavey 5150 2×12 Sheffield 1200
• ENGL E112VB: Engl E112VB with Celestion Vintage 30 speaker
• G12M Greenback Closed 4×12 Celestion: Celestion 4×12 cabinet with Celestion G12M Greenback speakers
• Greatsh: Inspired by Gretsch 6159 amp cabinet with two Jensen C12-PS
• Rand RD112: Inspired by Randall RD112 1×12 angled with Celestion Vintage 30
• Revv 2×12 Open Back V1: Revv 2×12 open back with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet 30 and ET 90 drivers
• Revv 4×12 Closed Back V1: Revv 4×12 closed back with Warehouse Guitar Speakers Vet 30 and ET 90 drivers
• Sig H75 LD: Inspired by Two-Rock 2×12 cabinet with Celestion G12-H75 speaker
• Silver77: Inspired by Fender Twin Reverb 2×12 with orange JBL speakers
• Superblue: Inspired by Fender 4×10 Super Reverb
• Tanger Fat: Inspired by PPC412HP 4×12 Orange with Celestion Heritage G12H & G12M Heritage Greenback
• The One: Inspired by Brunetti Neo1512 with 1×12 and 1×15 speakers
• Vibro V30: Inspired by Fender Vibrolux 1×12 Celestion V30 speaker
• Victory Kraken 212V Classic: Victory Kraken 2×12 cabinet with Celestion V30 speakers
• Victory Sheriff 412C Classic: Victory Sheriff 4×12 cabinet with Celestion G12H speakers
• Voice 30: Inspired by Vox AC30 JMI 2×12 Celestion “Silver Bell”
• Watt FanC: Inspired by Hiwatt 2×12 Fane closed back

Bass Cabinets

• BassFlex: Inspired by Ampeg Portaflex B15N with original 15“ CTS speaker
• Fridge: Inspired by Ampeg 8×10
• MetalBigBass: Inspired by Hartke 410TP
• OCBass410: Inspired by Form Factor Audio 4×10
• SilverRumble: Inspired by Fender Rumble 500 2×10 with Eminence speakers
• Tio: Inspired by EBS 611 with 1×15 and 1×10 Eminence speakers

Clean Amplifier


• Carefully replicated from an all original ’74 SilverFace B’man
• Unparalleled dynamics and musicality for a warm and lively pedalboard tone
• Goes from a transparent clean tone to a delightful crunch complimenting your dirt pedals
• Virtually noiseless, even at +12dB input gain
• Guitar and bass modes for adjusted frequency responses
• Gain, Volume, Bass, Medium and Treble knobs


• Four classic tube types : EL84, EL34, 6L6, KT88
• Two circuit types : Class A (Single Ended) and Class A/B (Push-Pull)
• Two tube modes : Pentode and Triode
• Volume, Contour and Depth knobs

Cabinet Miking


• Virtual Cabinets come with captures from 8 studio and live microphones (Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon)
• Dynamic IRs are phase-corrected, preventing any phase issue
• Blend two microphones together
• Have direct access to 300+ Virtual Cabinets via the Two notes Store


• Distance : from close miking to room tone, stepless
• Axis : from cone center to speaker shell, stepless
• Front and back of the cabinet

Effects and Tools


• Eliminates unwanted noises from your guitar and pedals
• Soft/hard gate settings
• Noise level learn function


• Sculpts the tone coming out of the Virtual Cabinet
• Five customisable semi-parametric bands going from -20dB to +20dB (and a low-cut filter)


• Dynamics and frequency shaping tool to beef up your tone
• Guitar and bass modes for adjusted frequency responses
• Thickness and Brilliance knobs for low-end and high-end emphasis
• Body knob to make your tone cut through


• 8 legacy Room Ambience algorithms (Studio A & B, Loft, Cathedral, Basement, Hall A & B, Crypt)
• 4 new Reverb algorithms (Spring, Plate, Tile, Chamber)


• Replaces Virtual Cabinet miking with up to two standard wave file IRs
• IR lengths supported up to 200ms
• Adjustable performance mode for ultra-low latencies down to 2.2ms


• Works with guitars and basses
• Customisable A frequency from 410Hz to 490Hz
• Easy to reach with the press of a finger