EMG GZR-P Geezer Butler PJ Pickup Set

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EMG Pickups, along with legendary artist Geezer Butler, have collaborated to develop the GZR-P and GZR-PJ signature bass sets. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame bass player started working with EMG founder Rob Turner in 2011 looking to find the classic bass tone he had in Black Sabbath’s early days. As Geezer and Black Sabbath moved from studio to touring in 2013 the final component of getting the classic Geezer tone was in play, the rigors of a world tour.

To recapture Geezer’s early Black Sabbath tone, it meant a new EMG vintage style passive P and PJ design with a few modern touches. EMG vintage-style passive PJ design uses Alnico 5 pole pieces and custom-wound split-coils to eliminate the noise and hum of the '70s bass pickups.


• Magnet Type: Alnico 5
• Inductance: (Henries) 6.12
• DC Resistrance: (kOhm) 11.20
• Resonant Frequency: (KHz) (1) 1.77
• Resonant Frequency: (KHz) (2) 2.36
• Impedance at Resonance: (kOhm) (1) 68.00