Rackmount Effects

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Tech 21 GED-2112 Geddy SansAmp

Tech 21 GED-2112 Geddy Lee Signature SansAmp Bass Preamp


Tech 21 SansAmp GED-2112 Geddy Lee Signature Bass Guitar Preamp Geddy Lee has been performing without onstage amps and speakers since the Test for Echo Tour in 1996, favoring major household appliances instead. Known for using a variety of gear to create interesting layered tones, Geddy has included the SansAmp RBI and/or the SansAmp RPM in his ...

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Tech 21 RBI Bass Preamp

Tech 21 Sansamp RBI Bass Tube Amp Emulator Rack Mount


Features:• Show up at any studio with just a SansAmp RBI and plug directly into the board for premium tones without miking.• Gig with the SansAmp RBI directly through the house PA without using a separate amp.• Go to a gig with a SansAmp RBI, a Bass Power Engine 60 (see optional accessories below) and run directly through the house P.A. system.•...

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