Free-Way Switch Customizable Pre-Wired 6-Way Toggle Pickup Selector 3X3-07

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Free-Way Switch: A whole new dimension in pickup switching for electric guitars!

The Free-Way switch was first used on stage in December 2007 during Led Zeppelin's Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert where the new Gibson® Jimmy Page Les Paul® Custom was featured during an incredible performance of "For Your Life".

When you first play a guitar with a Free-Way switch, you might not even realize it is there - the guitar doesn't look any diferent and the pickup selector feels just like a normal 3-way toggle giving Neck/Both/Bridge selections. It's only when you realise that the Free-Way switch moves into another three forward positions that you understand what the Free-Way is all about.

A whole new dimension in natural tone - coil tapping, phase switching, series/parallel, piezo decide! Fast, intuitive switching - all in one familiar place so it's easy to understand and use. Classic looks - completely maintains the authentic design, appearance and condition of any guitar.

Model 3X3-07:

The 3X3-07 models combine 6 position Free-Way switching with a pre-wired cable harness which is factory terminated onto the switch, thus removing the need for any special soldering or the sourcing/preparing of shielded multi-core cable during install. This model offers trade friendly installation while still providing flexibility for coil-tapping; piezo pickup and three pickup guitars. The result is a fast professional standard install into any LP (or similar) format guitar with ease.

Visit Free-Way Switch's website for an nearly unlimited selection of sonic options and free full wiring schematics for each Free-Way Switch model!

See, hear and enjoy the moment!