Fulltone CS-WF Custom Shop WahFull Fixed-Wah Pedal

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Brand: Fulltone
Fulltone CS-WF Custom Shop WahFull Fixed-Wah Pedal

The Fulltone Custom Shop WahFull pedal is a fixed-wah effect with a special heritage. It started when guitar virtuoso Robin Trower contacted Fulltone to create a fixed-wah effect so he could get singing midrange sustain and feedback in the style of Michael Schenker and Jimi Page, and the WahFull was the result. Choose from three wah flavors (Wacked, Jimi, and Shaft), dial in the center frequency by hand or by shoe, and you're ready to rock. Add an expression pedal for traditional wah use. This wah also has buffered inputs and outputs, and "no pop" switching,

• Fixed-wah pedal for electric guitar
• Three flavors of wah to suit your style
• Large Frequency knob is easy to adjust with your shoe without bending down
• Fine-tune the tone of the effect with the Pickup Compensator knob
• Add an expression pedal (not included) for traditional wah effects