Groove Tubes GT-E34L-S Duet Matched Power Tubes Medium Power

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Matched pair of E34L tubes in “medium” power range.

EXCLUSIVE GT design. The heat wings attached to the plate give the Groove Tubes version of the original EL34 15-20 percent more power. Interchanges in any EL34 application and stays tight and robust all the way up to full power. Highly dynamic, big low end and runs cooler for longer life. Amazing headroom, killer tone and all of the great features and characteristics of the EL34 design.

The original power platform behind most high-powered British guitar stacks from the ’60s onward. Output is generally between 20 and 25 watts, with pronounced midrange punch, tight low end and crisp top end that breaks up relatively smoothly and gets a little crunchy when pushed hard. It provides a great voice that stands out in a band mix as the mids tend to power their way through an overall mix. Big brother to the EL84.