Lindy Fralin Bridge Humbucker 8.5K, Black

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Fralin’s classic double coil pickup. The coils are in phase to a guitar amp, but out of phase to the "hum" in the air. They offer this pickup in Zebra (one black coil and one cream coil) or Double Black. Other options include coil tap or braided-style shield wire and outputs from 7.5 K to 10.0 K. All of the Fralin humbuckers are wound with 42 Plain Enamel like the old P.A.F.’s.

Fralin recommends a stronger bridge pickup. (i.e. 8.5 K neck, 9.5 K bridge, etc.). Fralin coil tap models are designed to be hum canceling when the tapped humbucker is combined with a Strat reverse middle. (Humb-Single-Humb or Single-Single-Humb). If you want to have a phase reversal switch, you can reverse the white and black conductor wires when wiring the pickups in the guitar.


Color: Black
Output: 8.5K
Bridge Position