Mojo Hand FX Colossus Fuzz Pedal

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ALL HAIL THE COLOSSUS!!! Unleashed on an unsuspecting public, the Colossus is THE be all end all Russian/Civil War Muff style fuzz. Ridiculously tweakable, insanely versatile, and packed with 10 tons of Colossal Mojo. Rich harmonic drenched chords, sweet singing leads, sludgy stoner goodness, filthy bluesy mcnasties, Pumpkin flavored raunch... you name it, it does it. It features a 3 way toggle for different EQ voicings, as well as a full range “Mids” control to help you cut through the mix in a live setting. As with all Mojo Hand pedals, the Colossus comes standard equipped in die cast enclosure, features true bypass switching, and uses a standard 9v adapter or battery.

Heres what the public is saying:

"A lot of people have gotten a lot of different sounds from various incarnations of Big Muffs over the years. This is the only one that I have seen that can get them all. Amazing versatility!!!"
- BiggSteve777 @