Subdecay Starlight Flanger MKII Pedal

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Brand: Subdecay
Subdecay Starlight Flanger MKII Pedal

From the unquestioned master of modulation, Subdecay, comes the newest entry into the flanger family, the Starlight Flanger MKII. If you've ever had the pleasure of playing any of Subdecay's modulation boxes, then you know that there are none finer. The Starlight Flanger MKII is no exception, as the torch has been passed from V1 to the new and improved MKII.

For starters, the signal path of the MKII is all analog, with a real deal MN3207 BBD chip driving the flanging action (the original contained an MN3209). The 3209's datasheet specifies that it's made for "chorus and vibrato audio circuits," so it makes the choice a no-brainer.

The original V1 contains knobs for Speed, Regen (feedback), and Subdecay's trademark [wave] Shape selector switch. The Manual setting on the original has been given its own knob, Manual, and a new Depth knob now adorns the pedal. "16 Step" has replaced manual mode on the original, and Manual mode can now be accessed by rolling the Speed knob fully counterclockwise.

The V2 sports the aforementioned Speed, Manual, Depth, Regen and LFO Shape controls, as well as six wave options: Sine, Triangle, Square Triangle Mix, Random Sample Hold, 8 Step and 16 Step. These have a dramatic effect on the sound, as they control how the "whoosh" of the flange ramps up and down. Sine and Triangle are the two classic waveforms, while Square Triangle Mix, 8 Step and 16 Step ae largely Subdecay originals.

Speed, Depth and Regen are pretty self explanatory, as Speed governs the speed of the LFO, Depth increases sweep width and Regen increases intensity of the effect. Manual controls the sweep manually for some awesome "cocked flange" tones when the Speed is decreased.

Best of all, the Starlight Flanger is redesigned for increased headroom, so it wont back down from your dirt boxes. It's also redesigned for increased warmth, and there's no volume drop, which is a problem that plagues many flanger pedals.

The Subdecay Starlight Flanger V2 is made one at a time in Newberg Oregon. It requires a standard 9v center-negative Boss-style power supply. The current draw is 25mA, so it is isolated power supply ready.

• All analog flanging based on bucket brigade technology. (MN3207)
• 6 synth inspired LFO shapes.
• Redesigned for more headroom & warmer tone ranging from nearly transparent to over the top.
• Manual and Depth control add new versatility.
• No volume drop