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UA OX-Amp Top Box Attenuator

Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box Reactive Amp Attenuator with Speaker Modeling


Ox Amp Top Box - Tube Amp Load Box and Attenuator with Speaker Modeling SoftwareGet Legendary Studio Tones from your Tube Amp - Anywhere, at Any VolumeOX is a premium reactive load box and guitar recording system, giving you perfectly studio-miked amp sounds from your favorite tube amp. OX lets you play and record your amp in its sweet spots - f...

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AmpRX BrownBox Tube Amplifier Input Voltage Attenuator

AmpRX BrownBox Tube Amplifier Input Voltage Attenuator


BrownBox Voltage Optimization Device for Tube AmplifiersBrownBox was created to provide a safe range of voltage reduction levels for vintage tube amplifier designs. The same, era-correct voltage levels that the amps were designed around. AmpRX products can also be used with modern solid state amp designs protecting them from potential over volta...

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Dr. Z Brake Lite SA Attenuator

Dr. Z Brake Lite SA Stand Alone Amplifier Attenuator


You asked for for it and DrZ listened... Introducing the fully enclosed Brake Lite SA (Stand Alone.) Same guts as the combo mount Brake Lite, but able to be tossed in the gig bag for use with many different amps on the fly. The Brake Lite SA works with any tube amp up to 45 watts and can be used with 4, 8, or 16, ohm loads (not recommended for u...

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Dr. Z Air Brake Attenuator

Dr. Z Air Brake Amplifier Attenuator


Z Air Brake Amplifier AttenuatorThe Z Air Brake has two major applications. One is for stage use, the other is for studio or home use.For stage use, the Z Air Brake is a useful tool to limit your overall dB level at any time during a performance. Example: the beginning of the night (when the club isn’t full) click the Air Brake to a level of att...

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