Expert Guitar Repairs

Whether your guitar needs a simple adjustment, or it looks like Pete Townshend just smashed it up onstage, we can take care of you! Our repairman, Scott Kenerson of SMK Musicworks, is a skilled luthier with over 25 years of experience (he's been with MCG for over 20 of those years!).
Scott specializes in extensive repairs, routine instrument maintenance, set-up, and even full instrument restorations as well. He can even build you the guitar or bass of your dreams from the ground up, using your own unique vision and specifications!
From building his first guitar in high school, to being a wood-model-maker for the auto industry for over 20 years, Scott has taken this broad experience and created his own business, SMK Music Works. Scott has been featured in a national magazine, and his talents have taken him across the globe as a guitar tech for internationally-touring artists on several occasions, including The Lionel Richie Band, and many other local acts as well. When he's not working on guitars behind the scenes, Scott is a professional musician himself, and has played in a multitude of bands for the last four decades. With this vast experience, and intimate knowledge of how stringed instruments work, Scott is able to give your instrument the personal attention it deserves.
Maybe you have a broken head-stock, need a fret job...or just a simple set-up? Well, bring your instrument over to Motor City Guitar for the best work - at the most reasonable price in town!
If your guitar or bass requires warranty repairs, Scott is also an authorized warranty service technician for several major brands including Fender, Gretsch, Jackson, EVH, and Taylor guitars.
An example of Scott's work:
SMK Repair Examples

If you would like to upgrade your current guitar, we carry a huge selection of pickups, bridges, tuning pegs, and other parts in stock.  And not just the everyday stuff, we also stock a lot of hard-to-find items.


Expert Amplifier and Electronic Repairs

Amp not sounding like it should?  Motor City Guitar works with Scott Russell of Russell Audio for all of our local amplifier and electronic repairs.  Scott has decades of experience in the audio electronics service industry and provides top-notch work with quick turnaround times and at very reasonable rates.  If your amp requires warranty repairs, Scott is an authorized warranty service technician for several major brands including Fender, Mesa Boogie, Marshall, Peavey, Orange, EVH, Randall and Eden amplifiers.