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Chase Bliss Audio Habit Experimental Delay Pedal w/ Memory

Chase Bliss Audio Habit Experimental Delay Pedal w/ Memory


Habit is a delay with a memory. Out of the box, it’s good, quick fun and there isn’t much you need to know. But it’s designed to be a pedal you can grow with over time, loaded with surprises and hidden talents.As you play, everything you do is stored in the background for later use. Like a musical sketchpad. At any time, you can scan back into ...

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Chase Bliss Dark World: Dual

Chase Bliss Audio Dark World: Dual Channel Reverb Pedal


Dark World - Dual Channel ReverbDigital World. Dark Heart.Dark World is the first fully digital offering from Chase Bliss Audio; a unique dual channel reverb that we made with a little help from our friends. Cooper FX is responsible for the “Dark” channel; a collaborative effort influenced partly by their Generation Loss and Outward designs. Kee...

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Chase Bliss Thermae Pedal

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay / Pitch Shifter Pedal


Thermae Analog Delay and HarmonizationPublic bathing never felt so good.Thermae represents a radically new approach to analog delay and harmonization. The pedal digitally manipulates the analog signal path created by 4 re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips. This creates the ability to change delay time in musicall...

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