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Goodwood TX Interfacer

Goodwood Audio The TX Interfacer Signal Buffer / Summer / Mute Switch Juntion Box


Interfacer TX - Input and output buffers. Two types of summing. Master mute. Tuner send. There are two versions of The Interfacer. The TX Interfacer (gold print, which is available here) and The Interfacer (white print). Both versions have the same features and are made with the same components except that The TX Interfacer adds an audio trans...

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Goodwood Output TX

Goodwood Audio Output TX Stereo and Mono Summing Junction Box


Output TX - Stereo to Mono Summing Manager w/ Ground Loop/Phase CorrectionOutput is designed for players that need a compact way to manage the outputs on their pedal board. Output takes care of multiple stereo to mono summing options while fitting underneath your angled board, or even under another pedal.There are two versions of Output. Outpu...

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Goodwood TX Underfacer

Goodwood Audio The TX Underfacer Signal Buffer / Summer / Signal Mute Juntion Box


The Underfacer - Under-pedalboard Input and output buffers. Two types of summing. Master mute. Tuner send. The Underfacer is like The Interfacer but designed to go under an angled pedal board. Use The Underfacer to take care of all your input, muting, tuning, summing, isolating and phase correcting needs without using any pedal board real-estat...

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Goodwood RMT

Goodwood Audio RMT remote control for Underfacer and Isolator


RMT - Remote Switch for Goodwood Audio's Isolator and Underfacer DevicesUse RMT to remotely control Isolator’s muting and Underfacer’s mute and summing.Compatible Products and How To Use With: The Underfacer – Use a TRS cable to plug RMT into The Underfacer. With RMT you can remotely access the master mute with a press of the soft switch and sum...

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Goodwood Isolator TX

Goodwood Audio Isolator TX Isolated Signal Splitter Junction Box


Isolator TX - Pedalboard Loop Device w/ Ground Loop/Phase CorrectionIsolator is designed for players that want an isolated split on their pedal board. This is ideally used for splitting your board into two lines, dry effects and wet effects, while giving muting options over both. There are two versions of Isolator. Isolator TX (gold print, wh...

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Goodwood Buzzkill

Goodwood Audio Buzzkill Ground Lift and Phase Correction Junction Box


Buzzkill - Ground Loop and Phase Issue CorrectionBuzzkill comes with ground lift and phase correction for players that want to run more than one amp.Ground Lift – There are times when two amps are being used that an audible hum/buzz can be heard coming out of your amps. When plugged into one amp only, the hum/buzz is not present. This is common...

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Goodwood Bass Interfacer

Goodwood Audio Bass Interfacer - Effects Loop + Signal Buffer / Summer / Mute Switch Junction Box


The Bass Interfacer - Pedalboard Loop DeviceThe Bass Interfacer is everything you need to run independent, mutable, clean and effects lines. With a footprint no bigger than a standard Boss pedal, it offers unparalleled control in an easy to use, streamlined package.Run two separate lines, or sum them together. The choice is yours.Why should yo...

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Goodwood Audition

Goodwood Audio Audition - Effects Loop & "4 Cable Method" Signal Chain Router Junction Box


Audition - Signal Chain RouterAny guitar player that has been using pedals for longer than 5 minutes knows that GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) is a real thing. Since re-wiring your pedal board is not something you want to be doing every time you want to try a new pedal, Audition allows you to patch in a new pedal without having to re-wire your...

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Goodwood AC Interfacer

Goodwood Audio AC Interfacer - Electric & Acoustic Guitar Effects Loop Pedal Junction Box


The Acoustic Interfacer - Pedalboard Loop DeviceThe Acoustic Interfacer has been designed for players that play both electric guitar and... you guessed it... acoustic guitar as well. Now you can have one pedal board that you can use for both your electric and acoustic guitars. Master MuteHit the foot switch on The Acoustic Interfacer to mute yo...

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