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Quik Lok PSP-125 Sustain Pedal

Quik Lok PSP-125 Piano Style Sustain Pedal


Description:COMMA TYPE SUSTAIN PEDAL• Classic piano style sustain pedal• Momentary contact pedal with normally open or closed contacts by means of mode selector switch, ideal for all Korg, Casio, Yamaha, Akai, Roland, Studiologic, Ensoniq, Kawai and other electronic keyboards• Sturdy yet elegant, rubber-coated pedal with 6-foot (1.8 mt) cable an...

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JamStands X-Style Stand

Ultimate Support JamStands JS-XS300 X-Style Stand (unassembled)


Ultimate X-Style Stand - JS-XS300 - Stand for KeyboardSet up your keyboard on a sturdy, lightweight stand, with the X-style keyboard stand. Easily adjustable to sitting or standing heights thanks to the large tightening knob, the X-style keyboard stand accommodates a variety of playing situations. The unit folds flat for easy transport and stora...

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