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Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack

Rhythm Tech Drum Kit Pack - Cowbell/Tambourine


Drum Kit Pack - Mountable Tambourine, 5" Studio Cowbell, MountThis is a great way to save some money and add some percussion flavor to your rig. A very popular Pre-Pack. A must have for every drummerThe tambourine has dual row of nickel jingles and improved eye-bolt mounting bracket.The cowbell has an improved eye-bolt mounting bracket.The inclu...

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Rhythm Tech Cajon Black

Rhythm Tech Cajon with Enhanced Bass Port


Enhanced Bass Port Cajon - Model # RT5751EBThe Rhythm Tech CajonThe new Rhythm Tech Cajon is designed to improve the playing and listening experience on an affordable, versatile percussion instrument. The high quality build includes finely crafted edges for added comfort while playing, and the new enhanced bass port is tuned to allow thunderous ...

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