Synergy SYN-30C 30-watt 1x12" 3-channel Mudular Tube Combo

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Sku: 763815130279
Brand: Synergy
SYN-30C - 1x12" 30 Watt All-Tube Three Channel 1x12" Guitar Amplifier Combo


If you want the power of the Synergy platform but prefer to stay with a straightforward, tube amp-based rig, the SYN-30 Single Module 30-watt All-tube Combo is for you. Based around a 6L6 power section, the SYN-30 boasts the perfect power for clean headroom and pushed crunch. The combo boasts an onboard clean channel as well as a dock for one of the Synergy preamp modules, offering a total of three footswitchable channels that have been voiced by some of the most legendary amp designers in the business. And while the SYN-30 is as easy to use as any all-tube amp combo out there, it boasts immaculate cabinet simulated direct output, MIDI programming, and a transparent effects loop that make it as useful in the home studio as it is on the gig.

30 watts of all-tube power

There's simply nothing like the feeling and sound of a tube amplifier moving air behind you. That's why the folks at Synergy put their preamp module technology into the 30-watt, all-tube SYN-30 amp combo. With the combo's onboard clean channel and a dock for one of their Synergy preamp modules, you're able to outfit this combo with three channels of boutique-quality tone. Four 12AX7s and a 6L6-based power section push the sound of the modules through your favorite cabinet, while global Presence, Density, and Master controls shape the amp's overall character. The SYN-30 brings together classic tube amp performance with the modern flexibility you demand.

• Synergy modular preamp system in a 30-watt tube combo
• Preamp module dock allows you to customize your amp's tone
• Powered by 2 x 6L6s and 4 x 12AX7s
• Transparent effects loop with level switch
• Global control over Presence, Density, and Master Volume

A new standard in tonal flexibility

The SYN-30 tube amp combo offers three customizable channels that can be selected on the fly. Try the B-Man preamp module to for early rock 'n' roll crunch. Or maybe you'd prefer the singing sustain of the Soldano SLO module. And swapping the modules couldn't be easier. Simply loosen the thumbscrews and change out the module for a different tone. Add in the glassy tones of the onboard clean channel, and the SYN-30 is a versatile 3-channel combo that can handle any performance, session, or playing style.

• Onboard clean channel offers high-headroom for clean tones
• Single module dock offers 2 additional footswitchable channels
• Swapping modules is as easy as loosening a couple thumbscrews
• Most cost effective way to get the all-tube tone of these legendary designers
• One combo will cover any gig or session

Powerful switching options

With so much tonal power and so many sonic options onboard the SYN-30, Synergy made sure to offer you two flexible ways to control it. The Synergy 3F 3-button foot controller is essentially a fully programmable MIDI controller. From the factory the three buttons recall the onboard clean channel and the two channels on your preamp module. But with a simple procedure, you're able to program the pedal to your needs. If that still isn't enough, the single module 30-watt all-tube combo is fully MIDI capable. And because it accepts both 5- and 7- pin connectors, it works with almost every MIDI controller out there.

• Included 3-button, programmable footswitch
• Can be controlled via most MIDI controllers
• MIDI Thru allows you to command multiple units at once
• Intuitive programming

Celestion G12M-65 Creamback 16 Ohm speaker.

At the heart of the SYN-30 combo is a G12M Greenback - the definitive vintage Celestion ceramic magnet guitar speaker. The G12M Greenback with its increased power handling delivers low end grunt, complementing the warm and vocal mid range, crunchy upper-mids and sweet, refined highs. It is ideal for the wide variety of Synergy pre-amp modules.

(Note: Module sold separately, shown here in factory stock photos for illustrative purposes)