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AMT B1 - Bogner

AMT Legend Amp Series B1 - Bogner Amplifier Preamp Pedal


Description:The B1 Legend Amp Series pedal, superior high gain quality distortion, as found in the Bogner Sharp Channel Amplifier*. The sound of the AMT B1 is monstrous in tone, aggression, and provides massive amounts of gain. Thunderous lows, screaming highs, and scoopable mids leave you with unbeatable heavy distortion sounds. This one could ...

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AMT SS-11A 3-Channel Dual Tube Guitar Preamp (Classic Mod) A Pedal


Description:While creating SS-11, AMT was guided by the motto - minimum size with maximum functionality for full tube overdrive with the highest quality components. The SS-11 is brother to the SS-20, but with added controls and increased flexibility. The SS-11 is available in two different versions, the A (Classic) and the B (Modern) versions. B...

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