Alexander Pedals Sky5000 Delay and Reverb

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Sky 5000 - Reverb and Delay

Reverb. Delay. Repeat.

The Sky 5000 bathes your signal in an excess of echoes, a deluge of delay, and a surfeit of shimmer. All of the ambience you desire is a footstep away.

Building a great delay pedal was foremost in the Alexander mind when they designed the original Sky Fi. Development began with a crystal-clear digital delay engine combined with a tone filter to allow tailoring of the response to your liking. They then added a reverb engine that draws inspiration from certain digital rack units of the '80s and '90s. These units were designed to be as affordable as possible, and had some unique hardware quirks that caused their reverb effects to build in intensity over time. This "slow-building" artifact is one of the things that made these units so special.

When it came time to adapt the Sky Fi to the Neo Series platform they decided to keep the essential simplicity of the original. Inside the Sky 5000 you’ll find the same great tones from the Sky Fi, with a few tweaks to improve the performance and audio quality. Tap tempo, a simplified Repeat control, and more selectable delay tone options await. They hope you love this pedal as much as they do.

The Sky 5000 features dual Reverb and Delay engines, routed internally in a parallel configuration. This allows you to combine the two effects without having the reverb wash out the delay, or the delay muddy up the reverb.

Each engine has three separate settings, and you can combine them in any way you like. If you want to use only the reverb or only the delay, you can set their levels to zero using the pedal knobs.


• Mono input
• Dual output (mix signal on tip, dry signal on ring)
• Input Impedance: 1M ohms
• Output Impedance: 560 ohms
• DC 9V only, 100mA or greater
• Requires isolated DC power supply
• 4.7” x 2.6” x 1.5” H x W x D not including knobs
• Nine effects combinations
• Four presets, expandable to 16 with a MIDI controller
• MultiJack enables expression pedal, foot switch, or MIDI input
• Neo Morph allows controlling all knobs from expression or MIDI
• Tap Tempo with quarter, dotted eighth, eighth note divisions
• Hold Tap switch to trigger Ramp Hold + Neo Morph
• USB port for firmware updates and USB MIDI