Alexander Pedals Space Force Reverberation Pedal

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Alexander Space Force Reverberation Pedal

Mankind has long known of the amazing properties of reverberant spaces. From the brilliant reflections of the largest concert halls to the splashy depths of your own shower, every space has its own characteristic sound.

The Space Force is our updated take on the sounds of “elsewhere,” and features eight ingenious ways to add some space to your place, whether you're reaching for the stars or just trying to make your world a little bigger.

Reverb is a pretty subjective thing - sometimes you need a soft and subtle bloom behind your notes, and sometimes you really need to wail at the bottom of a stone well. The Space Force gives you a ton of options, all of which you can tweak and customize to suit your desires using our simple knob interface.

The Leap Series improves upon our popular Neo Series platform in lots of ways, including:

• Stereo audio input and output with phase correction
• Low-noise direct-coupled audio path
• Improved audio headroom and frequency response
• FXCore DSP with more than 8 times the processing power than our previous Neo Series pedals
• 32 onboard presets (4 banks of 8 presets each,) all accessible on the pedal without the need for external controls.


Space Force features eight all-new reverb engines, each with its own set of tweakable parameters.


• PLATE: Based on a vintage studio reverb, this simulates the reflective properties of a giant metal plate. They’ve also included a virtual tape pre-delay and adjustable tape flanging modulation.
• MOD HALL: Classic 1980s electronic hall reverb with adjustable pitch modulation. They’ve added high and low EQ controls to allow for fine-tuning the reverb tone.
• PITCH: Chamber reverb effect with twin adjustable pitch shifters. Each shifter has selectable intervals ranging from a detune effect to an octave. Try with detune or down an octave for a cool textural wash.
• SPRING: Surf’s up! Spring reverb effect with multi-wave tube bias type tremolo. They’ve placed the tremolo after the reverb to ensure that it stays juicy no matter how wet you run the springs.
• LO-FI: 1990s style electronic reverb with distortion on the reverb trails. Classic “shoegaze” effect, try this with the SAW modulation to simulate whammy bar guitar.
• ANALOG: “Electronic” reverb based on an obsolete analog delay chip, these units were often used in karaoke machines and have a distinctive tone. Keep the time knob low for reverb or increase for cascading delay effects.
• DYNAMIC: Large cathedral-style reverb with a volume-sensing fade effect. GATE mode will cut off the reverb like ‘80s drums, BLOOM will fade in just the reverb signal, and SWELL fades in both wet and dry for a more intense effect.
• ECHOVERB: Room reverb and delay in parallel. Each effect has its own set of controls and is independent. The delay effect works even when the reverb effect is in the HOLD / FREEZE state.