Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Enhanced Audio Computer System Effects Pedal

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Alexander Pedals Syntax Error 2 Multi-Effects Pedal

Welcome to Weirdville, population: you.

The Alexander Syntax Error 2 is their newest noisemaker, designed to help you create your very own arcade soundtrack using guitar, bass, keys, or whatever. Featuring the powerful new FXCore DSP, Syntax Error 2 packs more power, punch, and possibilities than any other Alexander pedal thus far.

Syntax Error 2 features six sound modes, each of which may be tuned, tweaked, and customized to your heart’s desire.


• STRETCH: This mode records the input signal into a sample buffer, and then plays it back in real-time. Great for glitchy delay effects, random reverse, or freaky feedback.
• AIR: Grainy, lo-fi reverb effect similar to very early digital and analogue reverberation devices. Early reflections and slow build times make this a unique textural tool.
• RING: Balanced “ring” modulation effect, adds extra frequencies to the original tone that are mathematically related but not harmonically related. Wild.
• CLUBE: Math-based cubic distortion and fuzz effect, with tunable resonant filter.
• FREQ: Frequency shift effect, adds or subtracts a set frequency from the input signal. Like pitch shift but all of the intervals are broken. It’s horrible.
• WAVE: Time based modulator, used for chorus, vibrato, flanger, and FM effects


• Mono or stereo input (TRS)
• Mono or stereo output (use either TRS or dual TS)
• Input Impedance: 1M ohms
• Output Impedance: 560 ohms
• DC 9V only, 250mA or greater
• Requires isolated DC power supply
• 3.7” x 4.7” x 1.6” H x W x D not including knobs
(120 x 94 x 42mm)
• Six sound modes
• Eight presets, expandable to 32 with a MIDI controller
• MultiJack enables expression pedal, foot switch, or MIDI input
• EXP Morph allows controlling all knobs from expression or MIDI
• Mini-sequencer for animated textures
• CTL footswitch triggers sequencer settings
• USB port for firmware updates and USB MIDI
• Buffered bypass (hybrid analog+digital)