Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex 50-Watt All Tube Bass Amp Head

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Brand: Ampeg
Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex - 50W All-tube Bass Head

The PF-50T Portaflex 50-watt bass amplifier head puts the iconic tones of all-tube Ampeg amplifiers in a compact package, ideal for rehearsal, small gigs, and recording. You'll find 12AU7 and 6L6 tubes powering the amplifier, which conjures the warm tube sound associated with vintage Ampeg along with a pair of 12AX7 tubes in the preamp section. Weighing in at 19.4 lbs., the small size and light weight make transporting the PF-50T a piece of cake. And since it doesn't require a speaker load to run, this amp easily gets those tube tones on your recorded tracks without having a cab connected. Get vintage Ampeg tube tone in a lightweight package with the PF-50T.

Inside the power section of the PF-50T Portaflex bass head, you'll find a set of glowing 6L6 and 12AU7 tubes. Add to that dual 12AX7s in the preamp section and the all-tube design of this amplifier allows you to get that warm, harmonically rich tone Ampeg is known for, or push it hard to get an overdriven tube growl. So whether your ideal Ampeg tone is bringing Motown thump, or grabbing a pick and punching the front end of your amplifier as hard as you can, you'll fall in love with the tones in the Ampeg PF-50T Portaflex.

Huge sound, convenient size
Even with the diminutive size of the PF-50T Portaflex amp, you have all you need for getting huge tones through your cabinet, on your tracks, or both at the same time. The straightforward front panel makes dialing in your tones a snap, while the back panel offers XLR outputs for preamp out (with pre/post EQ switch) and transformer-balanced line-out. Its smaller footprint is easy to transport, and it sits beautifully on a recording desk or affixes to current Ampeg Flip-top cabinets. And the whole tube package is less than 20 lbs.

A great recording tool for players of all styles
One of the most useful features about the PF-50T Portaflex bass amp is its ability to run without a speaker load. Combining this with the preamp out (with pre/post EQ switch) and transformer-balanced line-out, you can optimize the PF-50T as a desktop unit for running direct and send your tube tone straight to your recording rig. The versatile EQ offers Bass, Mid, Treble with five different frequencies for the mid boost/cut: 200, 400, 800, 1.6 kHz, 3 kHz. The smaller size allows it to sit right on your studio desk within easy reach, and the black metal casing and glowing tubes look cool and classy.

• 50-watt tube bass amplifier head for small performance or recording
• 6L6 and 12AU7 tubes offer classic Ampeg tone
• Affixes to current Ampeg Flip-top cabinets
• Compact footprint makes transportation easy
• Features for direct recording
• User adjustable bias control
• Classic Ampeg front-panel controls

• Type - Tube
• Number of Channels - 1
• Total Power - 50 Watts
• EQ - 3-band, Mid Selector, Ultra Hi/Lo Boosts
• Number of Tubes - 5
• Preamp Tubes - 2 x 12AX7
• Power Tubes - 2 x 6L6, 1 x 12AU7
• Inputs - 1 x Instrument, 1 x -15dB pad
• Outputs - 1 x Preamp out, 1 x Transformer-Balanced Line-out
• Weight - 19.4 lbs.