Analog Man AMAZE1 Analog Delay Tap Tempo/Modulation Controller Pedal

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Brand: Analog Man
Analog Man AMAZE1 Analog Delay Tap Tempo / Modulation Controller Pedal

AMAZE0 has not been available since 2015 but Analog Man made a new smaller version in late 2017., the AMAZE1.

The left jack is the delay time, goes to the delay with a stereo cord just like the AMAZE0. Right jack has multiple functions.

Size is 4-5/8" wide, 1-1/4" tall (1-3/4" with switches), 2-1/4" deep (3" with knobs).

The Analog Man AMAZE1 Analog Delay Tap Tempo and Modulation Controller pedal controls the Analog Man ARDX20 Analog Delay. Has tap tempo with several types (dotted eight notes, etc), modulations with speed and type, and 8 banks of preset delay times with programmable modulation on each preset.

There are two modes: TAP TEMPO MODE and PROGRAM mode.
When the AMAZE1 is powered up, it will be in TAP TEMPO MODE


• To change the tap note type, hold down the right button and it will scroll through Quarter (normal), Eighth (double speed), and Dotted eighth note (Floyd/U2 etc) settings.
• Tap the right button to enter the delay time. The delay time is shown on the top right, the tapped time is shown on the bottom left (same if Quarter selected).
• Pressing the left button turns modulation on (see ^v in top left) or off (see --- on top left).
• When modulation is on, you can adjust it with the two knobs.
• Left knob is modulation speed, 1 through 10, 10 is fastest.
• You will see the top left figure ^v move in the speed that is set.
• The right knob is used for MODULATION TYPE.
• Modulation type 1-5 are normal up/down smooth sine wave modulation, 1 is mildest and 5 is the deepest setting.
• Modulation type 6-10 are the TAPE DELAY SIMULATION, a random WARBLE type modulation, 10 is the deepest. This simulates the variances in delay time on a tape delay due to capstan and roller imperfections, tape snags, and other random events.


• To go to PROGRAM MODE, hold down the left button.
• You will see [P:X] where X is the selected program number.
• The delay time and modulation type and speed for that program will be displayed.
• Press the left button to toggle modulation on (^v in top left) and off (--).
• Press the right button to scroll through the presets: P1 through P8,
• and P0 which is used for setting the delay time manually with the right knob
• and the modulation type AND speed manually with the left knob.

• Each program can be edited for delay time and modulation speed and type.

• To go to Tap Tempo mode from Program mode, hold the left button.


• AMAZE0 only: Two expression pedal jacks. Optionally plugging an expression pedal into either of the two center jacks will control the knob closest to that jack remotely.
• AMAZE1 : The jack on the right can be used optionally with a dual remote footswitch like the
• Boss FS-6, which will work just like the two switches on the AMAZE1. This allows remote control of the AMAZE or MIDI control of tap tempo, etc. You can also use this jack as a TAP TEMPO OUTPUT to sync to other pedals. The tip will be the right (tap tempo) switch and the ring is the left switch which you don't need to use. To send tap tempo to a Strymon, send the RING connection on the amaze1 to the Strymon, don't use the tip (left amaze1 switch). On the Strymon end, you may need to connect the tip and ring together.
• Size : 4.5" wide x 3.5" deep x 2" tall
• You need a 1/4" stereo patch cord to connect this to the ARDX20. It does not need to be high audio quality. (Not a Y-Cable)
• Runs off normal Boss 9V power supply. Do not use a power cable without ground connection.Uses about 30mA of power, best to give it an isolated power cable from Voodoo Labs, T Rex, Strymon, etc power supply. I don't like to share power with digital devices but you can if you need to.