Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb Effects Pedal

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Animals Pedal Bath Time Reverb

The Bath Time Reverb is a standard reverb effect pedal. It offers three types of reverb (hall, spring and room) which can be selected with the 3-way toggle switch. Select the reverb sound to suit your taste in music.

The MIX knob allows you to dial in the balance between wet and dry sounds. Dial in the amount of reverb by turning the MIX knob clockwise for a nice "Bathroom" reverb. When set to maximum you can make a beautiful sound almost like strings.

In TIME knob to set the amount of time that extends the reverberation of reverb. Light reverberation in the small space by setting short and echoes the fantastic reverberation, to make it sound like vast space like a cathedral with longer reverb time.

Design is responsible to Surf Art Mr. painter Jonas Cleasson to work in Australia.
The bathroom can feel usually most of the reverb effect was dropped into the design. Please enjoy the bathroom and the polar bears of the unbalanced design.


• Current consumption: 140mA
• Input impedance: 500k ohm
• Output impedance: 10k ohm
• Power: 9V Battery or DC 9V Center Negative
• True Bypass