Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic DI Effects Pedal

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Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic D.I.

The sound of acoustic guitars can be soothing at times and can also strike out with fierce emotions. The charm of playing unplugged has made world guitarists leap into even greater fame with the legends made when a noisy grunge band does an unplugged session. For classical and folk guitarists it goes without saying, but also rock guitarists can’t leave the acoustic guitar behind.

The Animals Pedal Firewood Acoustic D.I. is an active D.I. pedal that gives more power to electronic and acoustic guitars for both live stage performances and studio recording. Manufactured with an analog discrete circuit, it outputs to a mixer and amp without any loss of the subtle expressions.

It’s a simple, compact pedal, but it is capable of various functions. The three-band equalizer can adjust the tone according to track, venue, or guitar or power amp traits and can be turned on and off with a foot switch. The equalizer creates various acoustic sounds ranging from the moderate and balanced tones of classical nylon strings to the crisp and glittering tones that highlight vocals in ensembles.

The 3 equalizer settings are high, mid, and low. They are 3.5kHz, 800Hz, and 180Hz respectively and the strength of the tone can be adjusted within a range of ±15dB. In addition to sound production, frequency bands that you don’t want are of course cut, and it is effective for feedback suppression.

Gain control, which can add light saturation, adds a crisp feeling of power and presence to the sound.

The provision of an effect loop when using with an acoustic guitar and a boost pedal allows for the simultaneous use of effects such as chorus and delay.

Additionally, there is a balanced XLR output that can directly connect the guitar to the mixer. It can also run on phantom power. On an outdoor stage or a venue that doesn’t have enough outlets it is powered directly by the mixer or other device.

Also, when using it with an adapter, there is a DC-out that can provide power to an effect loop pedal or other device, making it a powerful asset with various systems.

The Firewood Acoustic D.I. isn’t just a functionally superior pedal. The sound circuits boast abundant headroom, producing the clear tone of the guitar as it is.

While you can create a hard snappy electric acoustic sound, you can also clearly produce a finely detailed tone with the warmth and depth of an acoustic guitar. You can also produce tones with almost studio recording quality while performing live on stage.


• LEVEL: Adjusts the overall volume
• LOW: Adjusts the low level by ±15dB centered at 180Hz
• MID: Adjusts the mid level by ±15dB centered at 800Hz
• HIGH: Adjusts the high level by ±15dB centered at 3.5kHz
• GAIN: Adjusts the output level, controlling the saturation of the entire tone
• INVERT: Inverts the phase
• Foot Switch: Enables the EQ bypass
• DC9V IN: Connects a standard center minus DC9V adapter.
• DC9V OUT: Provides power to an external device when using an adapter.
• IN: Input. Connects to an instrument cable.
• LOOP: Effect loop. Connects the effects outputs in the loop from the R (RETURN) to the effects input in the loop of the S (SEND). The effect loop is active by default.
• UNBAL: Unbalanced out. Connects a cable going to a guitar amplifier.