Bare Knuckle Custom 550K CTS Standard Short Shaft Potentiometer - Fast "A" 10% Audio Taper

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Sku: BK550KPOT10
Bare Knuckle Custom 550K CTS Short Shaft Potentiometers - 10% Fast Audio Taper

Bare Knuckle Custom Potentiometers are available in 3 Taper options. This listing is for:

"A" 10% audio taper: fast roll-off from max volume, allows for quick swell techniques with a snappy response. This is the taper version that BKP has offered for several years, before offering the three different varieties.

Bare Knuckle Custom 550K CTS Short Shaft potentiometers feature a logarithmic audio taper, smooth torque and +/- 10% tolerance and are specially made to BKP's specifications by CTS.

The increased resistance over standard 500K pots opens out the upper frequency range and allows full harmonic richness to shine through, improving detail and clarity.

BKP recommend these 550k pots for use in conjunction with their humbuckers and P90s, in both volume and tone positions.

Circlip fitted to shaft for increased durability.

This standard short shaft version is perfect for guitars with non-arched tops or pickguard mounted controls. We also carry the long shaft version, which is suitable for Gibson Les Pauls and other solidbody guitars with thicker tops, where extra thread length is necessary to extend through the mounting hole.