Bare Knuckle / Duelund PIO 0.015 ufd Paper in Oil Capacitor

Maximum quantity available reached.

Bare Knuckle have partnered up with Capacitor masters Duelund Coherent Audio, to develop the next generation of their paper in oil tone capacitors.

BKP PIO capacitors offer a superb upgrade, giving you clear, defined response, right through the full range of your tone control.

0.015µF for a slightly brighter response, great for retaining clarity on a neck tone control,

For humbuckers and P90s, players often use 0.022µF caps for the bridge tone and 0.0015µF for the neck tone. The .015uf cap will cut less highs as you turn down the tone pot than the .022µF will. Many players prefer the less bassy, less muddy sound of the 0.0015µF used in the neck position when rolling the tone knob all the way off. The slightly muffled neck pickup tone with its sweet midrange moan is often compared to what Eric Clapton called "Woman Tone".