Bare Knuckle Holydiver Bridge Pickup with 50mm Pole Spacing

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A celebration of the original '80s hot-rodded humbuckers with a progressive, modern tone and wide dynamic range.

The Holydiver humbucker offers high output and the mature, earthy voice of an Alnico V powered rock pickup. Fat mids, warm and compact bass as well as harmonic rich highs provide the perfect answer for progressive players looking for a versatile, powerful humbucker.

The wide dynamics and mids of the Holydiver are excellent for adding depth and body to lighter weight, bolt-on neck guitars and extremely well suited to hi-gain applications that benefit from a sweeter treble response.

From solid contemporary clean tones through to aggressive hi-gain saturation, the Holydiver is ideal for technically and tonally demanding players.

Output: Contemporary
Bridge DC: 15.9K ohm *
Magnet: Alnico V
Conductor: 4
Top Bobbin Colour: Black
Bottom Bobbin Colour: Black
Pole Screw: Nickel Screw
Pole Spacing: 50mm
Leg Length: Short (1/4")

*all DC resistances are approximate 

Blues Rock, Pop, Garage, Hard Rock, Shred, Fusion, Progressive and Technical Metal, Thrash.

Particularly well suited to double cut solid-body/bolt-on neck guitars or brighter guitars that require a fuller tone with sweeter hi-end.