Blackout Cadavernous Reverb Pedal

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Blackout Catavernous Reverb Pedal

If you need complete and utter control over your Reverb tone, the Cadavernous Pandimensional Reverberator from Blackout Effectors is the pedal for you!

From simple reverbs that are the corner stone of any sound to amazing new creations that are all your own, the Cadavernous is a tweakers heaven.

The Cadavernous features separate controls for Swell (knob and footswitch), Regeneration, Dampen, Reflections, Dry Mix and Reverb.

The Swell controls the sensitivity of the Swell footswitch. This determines how fast and strong the swell effect comes on and fades out. This is added regeneration beyond what the Regeneration control offers and can be used to add subtle swells of regeneration all the way to runaway oscillation. There are two different modes for the Swell function and are controlled via an internal DIP switch. The pedal comes from Blackout Effectors set to Mode 1. In this mode the Swell foot switch is a “momentary on” setting and the Swell effect will only be in use while the footswitch is depressed and will fade out once the footswitch is released. In Mode 2, the footswitch works in the opposite way. It is a “momentary off” setting that leaves the effect on when until the footswitch is depressed.

The Regeneration knob is your feedback control. Use it to add a little or a lot of the reverb signal back to the beginning of the reverb circuit and is great for fattening the overall Reverb tone.

Dampen is a low-pass filter in the reverb path and gives you the ability to shape the EQ. For darker reverb tones turn the knob left, or brighter tones turn the knob right. The Dampen control can also be used to smooth out the reverb echoes and create less or more of a spring reverb tone. This control has a wide sweep of capabilities and will act differently depending on how the Regeneration and Swell knobs are set.

The Reflections control is essentially a “Room” setting. It controls the reverb length and spacing between echoes.

Blackout Effectors also provides a Dry Mix control that determines how much of the wet/dry signal is mixed into the signal path. Combine this with the Reverb control the overall mix level of reverb added.

Like all Blackout Effectors, the Cadavernous Reverb is a true bypass pedal. It operates on any standard negative tip 9V DC power supply that draws at least 200mA (more is better though) and comes with a 2 year warranty.

If you are looking for reverb pedal that is more than just springs in a can, the Blackout Effectors Cadavernous Pandimensional Reverberator is the pedal for you!


• Bypass footswitch
• Complete control
• 9V operation