Blackout Effectors Twosome Dual Fuzz Pedal

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Twosome Guitar Clips:
Nashville Telecaster > TWOSOME > Boss DD-20 > Fender Twin II
Twosome Clip 1
Twosome Clip 2
Twosome Clip 3

Myka Guitars > TWOSOME > Orange OR120 / Fargen Mini Plex > SM57
Twosome Clip 4
Twosome Clip 5
Twosome Clip 6


The Twosome is a meaty fuzz sandwich made up of the Musket Fuzz pedal and the deluxe version of the Fix'd Fuzz pedal. Both circuits run independently in an A/B configuration allowing you to dial in your perfect fuzz or overdrive tone on each and then switch back and forth between them. You won't find more dirt under one roof - unless you live in a mud hut.