BOSS ACS Pro 120W Combo Amplifier for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

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Brand: Boss
BOSS ACS Pro 120W Combo Amplifier for Acoustic Guitar and Vocals

The ACS Pro from BOSS is a 120W combo amplifier particularly suitable for acoustic guitar players and singer/songwriters. It offers two independent channels, each with a discrete analog input stage, and each boasting its own three-band EQ section. One channel provides a 1/4" guitar input and a chorus effect. The other channel gives you a combination XLR/1/4" jack useful in connecting a vocal or instrument mic, or another instrument (such as a second guitar), all while providing a delay/echo effect to further enhance the sound. Both channels have resonance filters to help fight against feedback on stage.

The rear of the amplifier provides two separate XLR DI outputs—one for each channel, with mode selector switches for outputting the channels mixed together or sending them separately with or without any onboard effects included in the signal. Also offered are a 1/4" stereo headphone output that doubles for recording purposes, as well as a 3.5mm stereo auxiliary input with its own rear-mounted level control. This unit offers not one, but three separate footswitch inputs, all controllable via optional units, and each one controlling different aspects of the ACS Pro, including the looper and harmonizer control. Also included is a USB output that will allow you to record digitally to your DAW directly from the amplifier.

The ACS Pro includes a vocal harmony function that creates real-time polyphony as you sing and play guitar. These harmonies are generated automatically, as the amplifier analyzes your chord progressions, resulting in harmonies tuned to the key of your song. Two different harmony types are available, plus a unison setting that doubles your voice. Instantiation of this effect is achievable with an optional footswitch.

The amp's built-in looper allows you to build live backing tracks with guitar, vocals, effects, and more. Activation of the looper is achievable with an optional footswitch.

• 120W bi-amp design with 8" woofer and 1" dome tweeter
• Dual channels with discrete analog inputs and individual three-band EQs
• Dedicated guitar channel with Acoustic Resonance to restore natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups
• Mic channel with phantom power and XLR/1/4" combo input for connecting a vocal/guitar microphone or second instrument source
• Chorus effect on guitar channel, delay/echo effect on mic channel, and independent reverb on both channels
• Harmony function automatically creates smooth and accurate vocal harmonies via real-time key/chord analysis of the guitar input
• Built-in looper for practicing, developing ideas, and enhancing live performances
• Independent anti-feedback controls on each channel
• Dual XLR DI jacks assignable to outputting individual channels (direct or post-effects) or both channels mixed together
• USB output for direct recording to a computer
• Control looper, harmony, and effects with optional footswitches