Boss FV-30H Compact Guitar/Bass Volume Pedal

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Sku: 761294506592
Brand: Boss
BOSS Quality in Space-Saving Designs for Your Pedalboard

The FV-30H is a compact foot volume pedal with a kickin’ new design. It's been specially created for saving space on your pedalboard while maintaining the trusted BOSS standard for sound quality, reliability, and durability. These pedals are 100-percent professional grade, aluminum die-cast units, and feature smooth pivot action that supports subtle changes in volume control. Thanks to its small size, the FV-30H offers a huge advantage for traveling musicians and gigging players who need to maximize pedalboard space.

FV-30H—A high-impedance pedal (with dedicated tuner output) that’s best for connecting directly to an electric guitar or bass.

• Space-saving volume pedals with rugged aluminum die-cast body designs
• Silky feel with smooth pivot for maximum control
• Tuner out jack (FV-30H)
• FV-30H for direct connection to high-impedance gear like electric guitars