Boss MD-500 Modulation Multi-Effects Pedal For Electric Guitars

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Brand: Boss
Boss MD-500 Modulation Multi-Effects Pedal For Electric Guitars

Put 28 different modulation effects under your feet with the BOSS MD-500 pedal for electric guitar and bass. Both standard effects and previously unavailable original processes are available in this stompbox, making it suitable for lovers of classic chorus, trusty tremolo, and reliable rotaries, as well as aficionados of more esoteric effects, like Slicer (based on the BOSS SL-20) and Overtone (based on the BOSS MO-20).

The MD-500 provides its sound using 32-bit AD/DA conversion, 32-bit floating-point processing, and sampling rates of 96 kHz, in order to achieve a large and precise range of expression while maintaining utter transparency, free of unwanted digital artifacts. With a panoply of parameters in every effects type, you’ll find more than enough control for shaping your tone. In addition to dedicated panel knobs for effect depth and level, you’ll also be able to perform extensive editing via the LCD screen and quadrumvirate of push-buttons. A tap tempo/control footswitch offers more in the way of on-the-fly manipulation, while the A and B footswitches provide bank selection tools, as well as multiple instantiation options, such as A/B Simul (two effects patches at once in either series or parallel), or parallel to do different destinations via the stereo outputs on the real panel.

Speaking of I/O, the MD-500 gives you a bevy of possibilities, what with its dual inputs for stereo instruments, dual outputs, expression/control jack, and MIDI I/O. All in all, you’ll find 297 built-in patch memories in the unit itself, though you can also interface via USB with Editor/Librarian software on your computer for remote editing, storing your custom patches, and more. This pedal runs on four AA batteries, or by means of a power adapter, available separately.

A/B Simul Mode and Insert Loop Function Explained
A/B Simul lets you run two patches at once. A selectable series or parallel connection enables all sorts of tone-shaping possibilities, and you can even send each effect to its own separate output if you like. The MD-500 also features an external loop that lets you insert gain and drive pedals, and set the ideal effect order on a per-patch basis. For example, you can place a phaser or classic vibe before a drive pedal in one patch, while putting a flanger after the drive in the next. When you're in A/B Simul mode, it's even possible to position the loop between two different mod effects.

Control Possibilities
The MD-500 offers freely assignable switches and extensive real-time controls. By default, the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches offer control for patch/bank selection and bypass, plus tap tempo or real-time adjustment of one or more parameters. However, the switches can be customized to access three different mod patches, A/B Simul mode, and other functions. Via the rear-panel CTL 1,2/EXP jack, you can plug in up to two footswitches for further control, or an expression pedal to adjust wah, effect rate, and other parameters. MIDI I/O is also included, enabling further creative possibilities with advanced setups.

• 28 Modulation Effects in 12 Modes
• Stereo I/O
• Chorus, Flanger, Tremolo, Phaser & More
• Run 2 FX Simultaneously
• Run 2 FX in Parallel or Series
• Tap Tempo/Control Footswitch
• Top-Panel Knobs for Broad Control
• LCD & Buttons for Extensive Editing
• Control/Expression Jack & MIDI I/O
• Included Editor/Librarian Software